Standardizing Trade Flow Messaging Across Systems and Asset Classes


Kohesiv created and validated message protocol specifications including: defining a core message structure representing multiple products and global regions, documenting systems, analyzing pertinent data & flows, defining use cases for order and trade events. We defined the message structure, tags required, tag values, rules, etc. The message protocol ensured order and trade uniqueness throughout the trade lifecycle, as well as the ability to link orders across systems and generations.


Kohesiv worked on creating the standard message protocol from inception to implementation. We wrote and validated five (5) message specifications – Overview, Pre-Trade, Trade, Post Trade and Session Specifications, which outlined in great detail the different message types, components, and message flows that encompassed the full trade lifecycle.Kohesiv also facilitated global validation sessions to ensure that all creators and consumers of the data were educated, and could make the necessary changes to their systems and flows.

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