Resolving NASD OATS Reporting & Compliance Issues

Business Challenge

A major broker/dealer had been experiencing significant issues related to the reporting of OATS to the NASD. They had no centralized reporting platform, and relied on the individual desks to determine their OATS requirements and to report properly. As a result, one of their trading desks had been shut down temporarily due to inaccurate OATS reporting.


Kohesiv was asked to develop a solution to address their OATS issues and to create a strategic OATS reporting system. Kohesiv performed a desk by desk analysis to determine the systems and order flows that should be captured and reported in OATS. Kohesiv developed a centralized data store, and built the business logic to generate and submit the OATS reports. In addition, Kohesiv built a user interface that enabled compliance officers to review order/execution data, and to investigate and re-submit OATS rejections.


The broker/dealer now has an industry-leading compliance platform that addresses not only OATS-related requirements, but can be leveraged in the future to perform additional compliance activities related to Reg NMS and more.

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