Redesigning the Sales and Trading Platform of a Major Broker Dealer

Business Challenge

A large broker-dealer was losing market share and competitive advantage after several years of mediocre business performance. Minimal investments in technology, turnover, and aggressive competitive practices contributed to the decline. Kohesiv helped develop a 3-year strategic plan to define the product, people, and technology requirements needed to revitalize the firm’s business.


Kohesiv assessed the client’s competitive landscape, as well as its internal capabilities. Leveraging its own industry experts and surveying industry thought leaders, Kohesiv assisted the firm by creating a near term strategic plan.


Executive management adopted the strategic recommendations and are implementing the strategy under an 18-month implementation plan. Recommendations covered a number of areas including: optimization of trade flow, changes in trader responsibilities, capital utilization, and the development of management reporting around client and product profitability.

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