Establishing FIX Connectivity between an Industry Utility and its Member Firms

Business Challenge

Our client, a major clearing house, asked Kohesiv Corp to evaluate the operational readiness of their firm’s planned implementation to establish FIX connectivity (using Appia) with their member firms.Kohesiv proposed recommendations based on our FIX expertise and industry best practices.


Kohesiv analyzed all aspects of the planned implementation, including: Network Connectivity, High Availability, Capacity Planning, InProc Adaptor Config, Operational Processes, Support Processes, and overall Project Management.


In addition to delivering our Operational Readiness Evaluation/Recommendations, Kohesiv developed a 1) FIX Appia Operational Runbook prepared for the client’s Service Center to assist them with providing Level–1 support to the users of the FIX connectivity, and 2) Development and documentation of FIX connectivity specifications for Member Firms. Kohesiv continues to provide ongoing support during the on-boarding of the first Exchanges and Participants to go live with the new FIX protocol.

Contact Information

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