Enhancing Pre-Trade Negotiations Between Bond Traders and Their Clients

Business Challenge

A major financial services firm was looking to enhance its process for communicating data between its customers, bond traders, and sales team. The client wanted to create an application to facilitate, capture, and organize pre-trade negotiations.


To create a prototype of how this new client interest tracking module would function, current internal technologies were identified and assessed to determine how integration would be feasible. Possible scenarios were identified and mapped out, with each sequence between clients, salespersons, and traders identified and incorporated into a final model.


The kohesiv team created a prototype of the client interest tracking application and demonstrated its abilities to senior management. The platform was designed to manage a broad range of trading scenarios, including crosses, swaps, axes, passes, and RFQ’s. An additional innovative instant messaging feature would allow sales and trading to not just type to one another, but complete each step of the negotiations process, from interest to trade, in only a few seconds.

Contact Information

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