Developing Commodities Sales & Trading Analytical Tools

Business Challenge

Our client was looking to become a dominant global player in the Commodity Trading & Research arena. They were interested in establishing a global trading capability in: Oil, Natural Gas, Power, Refined Products, Metals and Agriculture. To support this initiative, they needed advanced analytical applications/tools using proprietary and market data.


Kohesiv developed these tools utilizing a comprehensive “Time Series Plotter” framework to retrieve time series data from a “time series database” provided by an external vendor and our client’s production trading data. The initial analytical platform enabled users to plot multiple curve types


A web based analytical tool was developed to extract, analyze, and display Energy market and proprietary data and display/plot the data using one of the following curve types:

  • Term Structure – All future dates and their prices plotted for a user-specified quote date
  • Forward Point – A single forward point’s prices are plotted over a range of prior quote dates
  • Rolling contract – Is plotted where the user specifies a contract for n-months forward of the spot month

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