Defining Global Standards for Set Up and Maintenance of Client Trading Profiles

Business Challenge

Client faced several issues in uniquely identifying institutional clients across various global systems, desks, and asset classes due to multiple and overlapping business processes and systems. A common global workflow was desired across all desks to streamline the on-boarding process and improve data quality.


Kohesiv performed an assessment across Front and Middle Office operations and developed comprehensive strategies to enforce global standards for on-boarding and maintaining client trading and trade processing profiles. We also defined standard business processes and created workflow tools to automate the on-boarding process across global Cash Equities desks.


The streamlined, automated processes for maintaining client profiles resulted in a significant reduction of time spent on-boarding; reduced dual keying; and provided complete transparency in the on-boarding flows. We also cleaned up duplicate, erroneous client data; established a central repository to maintain client trading profile data, and integrated the new on-boarding system with downstream systems to synchronize profile data with respective systems.

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