Creating an International Credit Card Strategy for a Large Asian Bank

Business Challenge

A large bank in the Asia Pacific region wanted to develop growth opportunities for its credit card division. Its local growth had stagnated and the bank was looking to exploit opportunities in international markets. They were looking for expertise to assist analyze, assess, and develop a coherent strategy for international expansion.


Kohesiv was hired to develop a strategic plan for entering international markets in Asia. Kohesiv’s mandate was to analyze existing strengths of the bank and then develop a plan to leverage those capabilities. We analyzed the markets 8 countries and prioritized 2 as suitable for entry. Detailed financial models were then developed to analyze the market segments in the final two countries.


The bank was provided with a detailed entry strategy for two top international markets. This was synchronized with their international expansion plans for the other divisions. Market segmentation analysis was also provided along with a recommendation of target products and segments.

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