Creating an Equities Research Portal for a Major Broker Dealer

Business Challenge

The burgeoning equity research division of a major financial services firm needed a way to showcase the talent for their sell-side research analysts. The client wanted to create a means to organize and display the thousands of reports that would soon be generated. The client requested a portal that was immensely scalable, nearly maintenance-free, and with user-centric rich internet applications with features like personalization, keyword search, and single-sign on.


Overall, Kohesiv was responsible for identifying requirements, creating the design, setting up the infrastructure, developing and deploying the portal, as well as testing, monitoring, and maintenance.


The resulting portal features seamless vertical integration that ties together both an existing internal document repository and a third-party sell-side research platform that the client wanted to utilize. Consumers can navigate quickly, effortlessly, and securely between analysts, sectors, and issuers as well as search by keyword. The end product is highly appealing and intuitive.

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