Business Intelligence

Facilitating intelligent and informed decision-making based on collective information captured in various data stores.

Data Warehousing, Strategy & Architecture
Analyzing large, complex and rapidly growing data volumes across different asset classes

Kohesiv helps financial services firms with the creation of a proven, practical platform that can manage data used by analytical applications to monitor risk, compliance, regulatory reporting, fraud detection and CRM/customer insight. Our team will help manage the sourcing of data and the preparation of reports that provide management the insight that they require to make informed business and technology decisions.

We have extensive experience creating comprehensive financial services data models that draw upon our implementation and “real world” experience deploying analytical data warehouses that are used for storing and analyzing data across different asset classes. Kohesiv has worked with firms to create plans for improving the way they leverage data, allowing the firms to turn data into information and knowledge that is used to produce measurable improvements in business performance.

Data Governance
Managing and governing data across the enterprise to drive consistency

Kohesiv helps financial services firms confidently manage and govern master, transactional, analytic and unstructured data across the enterprise. Our team has worked with firms to define data that needs to be governed, creation of the right organizational structure to govern such data, the right processes and policies required along with integrating data management and data lifecycle services into core business processes to drive consistency across all departments.

Kohesiv has helped firms define, model, locate, map, and clean data so that it can be shared across operational and analytic applications to improve processes and decision-making