Advanced Technology

Emerging Technologies
Applying cutting edge technologies to help with business needs and increase shareholder value

Kohesiv team will help leverage and apply emerging technologies (e.g., multi-sensory networks, pervasive computing, next-generation Internet, community tools, etc.) to business needs and enable a sustainable edge-out, break-out or technologically-disruptive change to increase shareholder value. We help our clients develop enterprise portals that enable secure information exchange using single sign-on integrating various applications across different departments of the firm.

Our systems development technology team helps develop solutions to automate business processes, improve client service, solve business and mission requirements, and interchange information effectively and securely. Our team has strong knowledge of enterprise architectures and design expertise to address our clients’ strategic technology needs.

Web Development
Helping to take your business online, enabling effective and timely delivery of enterprise data

Kohesiv has expertise in development of Web 2.0 sites that are highly responsive with an intuitive user interface and navigation that enables easy access to information and enterprise data. Our deployment team works closely with networking and security teams to deploy applications in DMZ architecture for increased security and to prevent any intrusion into the firm’s applications and data.

We help develop enterprise portals that provide a common view of enterprise data by integrating internal applications using various technologies like AJAX, REST, Web Services, Message Oriented Middleware, JSON, etc.

Kohesiv has experience developing web applications that cater to a global audience with support for multiple languages and currencies deployed across multiple regions to achieve fast response to web requests with minimum latency. We have a web development methodology to track all aspects of web development that enables our team to track daily progress of a project enabling launch of a web portal on time and within budget.

Mobile Development
Helping make your business more mobile with access to real-time enterprise data and information

Our team of mobile development experts will help extend your existing enterprise application to mobile devices while still maintaining security and reliability. As your firm usage of mobile devices and smartphones increases we will help develop applications required in order to reach customers and build relationships between your company and your consumers.

We develop mobile applications that will serve as important business intelligence tools allowing real-time exchange of enterprise data. We have extensive experience in developing applications for mobile platforms and devices that include iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7.

Cloud Computing
Help firms with significant cost savings as a result of more efficient resource utilization

Helping firms with significant cost savings as a result of more efficient resource utilization

Kohesiv has helped firms save money as a result of more efficient utilization of resources with the introduction of cloud computing. Our team has worked on public clouds and private clouds, as well as hybrid clouds, helping firms choose the right computing architecture based on business needs.

By using virtualization, Kohesiv can help firms create private clouds that are secure and highly automated using cloud provisioning, orchestration and management. We have the talent required to help a firm with all their cloud computing requirements.

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